Funeral Honor Guard

Funeral Mass Honor Guard Procedures

In death as in life, members of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre deserve the highest respect as recipients of one of the Catholic Church’s oldest and most important honors. To pay homage to any member who passes away, the Eastern Lieutenancy will provide an honor guard at their funeral.

Upon notification of a member’s death, the Eastern Lieutenancy will ask the family if they would like an honor guard present during the funeral mass. All our members are then informed through email and also on the Order’s website that an honor guard has been requested.

Below are the funeral procedures for Knights and Ladies.

  • Vest at the rear of the church or where instructed by the celebrant, funeral director or in-charge person at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the funeral service
  • Stand guard on either side of the main aisle as the casket is brought into the church
  • After the initial blessing, follow the altar servers in procession as the casket is taken to the front of the church
  • Sit across from where the family will be seated or as directed by the celebrant or funeral director,
  • Before the final commendation, exit the pews and line up on either side of the center aisle – ahead of the casket for the recessional.
  • After the final blessing, process behind the cross and in front of the casket to the outside of the church
  • Form an honor guard on either side for the family to pass through as they exit the church


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